Tents & Misc

Tents, Fans, Light Posts, & more…

Pop up Tents

Our EZ-Up tents are a great way to cover a bar, the chef station, or just provide some additional shade at your event.

  • Pop-Up Tent 10’x10’ $50.00 each


10 ft Frame Tents

  • Tent 10’x10’ $100.00 each
  • Tent 10’x20’- (up to 25 guests) $175.00 each
  • Tent 10’x30’- (up to 30 guests) $225.00 each

15 ft Frame Tents

  • Tent 15’x15’- (up to 25 guests) $175.00 each
  • Tent 15’x30’- (up to 50 guests) $250.00 each
  • Tent 15’x45’- (up to 50 guests) $350.00 each

20 ft Frame Tents

  • Tent 20’x20’- (up to 40 guests) $225.00 each
  • Tent 20’x30’- (up to 60 guests) $300.00 each
  • Tent 20’x40’- (up to 80 guests) $400.00 each

30 ft Frame Tents

  • Tent 30’x30’- (up to 40 guests) $500.00 each
  • Tent 30’x40’- (up to 100 guests) $650.00 each
  • Tent 30’x50’- (up to 150 guests) $800.00 each
  • Tent 30’x60’- (up to 175 guests) $1000.00 each

Tents Misc

from $30.00 per tent

Tent liners lend unparalleled elegance to special events. Soft folds of the finest taffeta line the interior “ceiling” of the tent, creating a truly elegant ambiance. No tent accessory gives such an elegant polished result. We currently offer tent linens for 30 ft frame tents.

  • Tent Lights (Sm up to 200 sq/ft) $30.00 per tent
  • Tent Lights (Md up to 400 sq/ft) $40.00 per tent
  • Tent Lights (Lg up to 600 sq/ft) $60.00 per tent
  • Tent Lights (EL up to 1800 sq/ft) $95.00 per tent
  • Tent Liner $0.35 per square ft

Mobile Restroom

$900.00 per ten hour period for up to 150 guests.
Add 200.00 dollars for each additional 50 guests.


The newest addition to our rental inventory. During our years in the special event industry, we have identified the need to add this very important rental item for our clients. If you have hosted a party, you’ve probably experienced the complications involved in having all the guests use the restroom in your home. With our new portable unit, the ladies will have 2 separate toilets and a mirrored lavatory, and the men’s restroom has 3 urinaries and a toilet with a mirrored lavatory.

The Mobile Restroom is fully climatized with air conditioning and running water. We provide with the MobileRestroomRental all paper supplies, hand soap and trash removal.

Fans, Light Posts, & Misc.

  • Fans (Standing) High velocity $25.00 each
  • Fans (Hanging) $13.00 each
  • Light post $25.00 each
  • Ice Cart & 100 lbs of Ice $30.00 each
  • Ice Cart & 50 lbs of Ice $15.00 each
  • Chaffing Dish with Sternos $17.00 each
  • Dance Floor (Parquet) $1.90 square foot
  • Dance Floor (Wood) $1.25 square foot
  • Spotlights $15.00 each


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